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Trying To Plug The Dike

Untitled document Well, the story of the little Dutch boy sticking his finger in the dike to hold back the surging sea may be completely made up, but the image is useful here.  Because Barack Obama is surely trying to … Continue reading

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Florida Democrats: We Can’t Even Pull Together A Mulligan

Untitled document The Florida Democratic party is unable to even manage to pull together a revote of their disallowed primary. Florida Democratic chairwoman Karen Thurman sends out an angry email abandoning hope of a re-vote in the state: Last week, … Continue reading

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Here’s A Cheerful Thought

Untitled document Computer security experts are saying that on a typical day some 40% of the computers connected to the internet are part of a botnet. The zombies are out in force, people. Largely unnoticed by the public, botnets have … Continue reading

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Las Vegas Ricin Case Update

Untitled document The weirdness continues in the Las Vegas ricin case. The discovery of a large amount of the deadly toxin a while ago was strange even then. Now the man who had the poison in his room and who … Continue reading

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