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Too Tired To Play With The Dog?

Untitled document Help is at hand.   Via the Daily Mail .  Tweet

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Crazed Canadian Cow Killed

Untitled document Toronto police were forced to shoot a belligerent cow after it rampaged through the city for four hours. The cow was set loose following an accident and the police tried for some four hours to capture the animal … Continue reading

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A New Motto For Microsoft Vista!

Untitled document Courtesy of an unidentified commenter on a survey done over at PC World comes a catchy new slogan for the newest Microsoft operating system. Vista: It runs like a dead hamster! When I posted a little survey concerning … Continue reading

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Obama’s Soaring Rhetoric

Untitled document Obama the eloquent healer, the candidate of hopey changyness, the guy running for messiah, describes his grandmother as "A typical white person." Think about it: can you imagine any Presidential candidate, in any context, describing anyone as a … Continue reading

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Coal Boom

Untitled document World demand for coal has climbed 30% in just six years as developing economies have begun screaming for more energy. The United States is rapidly running out of production and shipping facilities to meet the demands of domestic … Continue reading

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Fantasies Run Amok

Untitled document Even the Washington Post acknowledges that the promises of both Democratic candidates regarding Iraq are unrealistic and badly damaging to American interests. The Post also admits that should either candidate do what they are saying they will, that … Continue reading

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