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Pundustry, Or A Day In The Salt Mines Of Information Overload

Untitled document Gene Weingarten of the Washington Post tried an experiment recently. He spent 24 hours in a room surrounded by televisions, two radios and a laptop set up to cycle through a selection of blogs and news sources. It … Continue reading

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After The Snow, The Floods

Untitled document Many areas in the Midwest, having suffered a brutally cold winter are now being inundated with water, both from new rainfall and the melting of heavy winter snowpacks. The Washington Post reports on the flooding. FENTON, Mo. — … Continue reading

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Brilliant Fraud

Untitled document Charles Krauthammer looks the big speech that Barack Obama gave this week and pronounces it a brilliant fraud. Harvard-tinged sophistry meant to misdirect listeners away from the real issues, the speech played on two major themes: moral equivalence … Continue reading

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