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Kathleen Ann Soliah Rearrested

Untitled document Kathleen Ann Soliah, who the media insist on calling by her assumed name of Sara Jane Olson when they report about her, has been rearrested after being incorrectly paroled. She should not have been released, since it seems she … Continue reading

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The Easter Gunny Drops By

Untitled document In what has become an annual tradition here at the Crabitat, the Easter Gunny dropped by for a visit: Fabrique National (Herstal) FNP-9. 9mm parabellum. Polymer body, black-finished stainless steel slide. Double-single action. 16 + 1 magazine capacity … Continue reading

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Curiouser And Curiouser

Untitled document So, the latest trigger for howling outrage from the left is the State Department contractors who have been peeking at Barack Obama's passport records. Somewhat lost in the shrieking is the fact that the records of John McCain … Continue reading

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Global Warming Er, Never Mind

Untitled document So, the 'settled' science is not quite as settled as the true believers shout. The much-vaunted climate models are seriously out of whack with actual data. The draconian 'solutions' are, therefore, not solutions at all. Because the earth … Continue reading

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Not Post-Racial At All

Untitled document Mark Steyn on why Obama's big speech proved that Obama is not a post-racial candidate. By embracing the Reverend Jeremiah Wright rather than renouncing Wright's ugly conspiracy theories, Obama proved he could not get beyond the type of nastiness … Continue reading

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No Power For You

Untitled document Britain is reportedly set to announce plans for joint ventures with the French to develop new nuclear technology and to build nuclear power stations. This has provoked howls of outrage and ludicrous claims from the usual suspects, in … Continue reading

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Snowbound For Easter

Untitled document Britain is experiencing some truly awful Easter weekend winter weather and it is causing chaos all across the country. Up to six inches of snow is expected across wide areas along with high winds and bone-chilling temperatures. In … Continue reading

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All Units Respond!

Untitled document If you want to see the police make an all-out effort to catch someone, just have that person steal a doughnut truck. Trust me, the police will pull out all the stops. The van, owned by Donut Delite … Continue reading

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