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Not Everything Old Is New Again

Untitled document Close on the heels of the last post that described the resurgence of some old technologies like turboprop aircraft and mainframe computers comes some news of things which are just plain getting old. Like America's aerial refueling tanker … Continue reading

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Turboprop Comeback

Untitled document The announcements of the death of the turboprop aircraft appear to have been a bit premature. The much-maligned technology is making a comeback in a big way, driven by increasing jet fuel prices. It seems the turboprop is … Continue reading

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Minnesota Has Some ‘Splaining To Do

Untitled document There was much screeching and finger-pointing when the Minneapolis bridge collapsed, much of it aimed at the Federal government and the lack of funding for infrastructure. That collapse is a tragedy and should not have happened, mind you. … Continue reading

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How Clintonesque

Untitled document Bill Richardson has declared that he is loyal to the Clintons – despite the fact that he just endorsed Barack Obama for president over his former allies. (CNN) — Facing fire from some fellow Democrats for his decision … Continue reading

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Bare Minimum Christianity

Untitled document [Note:  Hello to all of you in the Crabitat!  It's been awhile since I've posted anything here, but Gaius once said "Whenever you want to post something here…" so I'm back in the clear blue water.] It has been … Continue reading

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FNP-9 First Tryout

Untitled document I posted about getting this yesterday. I took it out today to give it a try. 200 rounds through it with no problems whatsoever. Because of the light weight, the precieved recoil is a bit higher than with … Continue reading

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The Silence Of The Hams

Untitled document Daniel Henninger notes the extraordinary silence that has greeted David Mamet's self-described escape from brain dead liberalism. Well, silence from the American left and especially from the denizens of Hollyweird. The American playwright David Mamet wrote a piece … Continue reading

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The Next Obama Scandal?

Untitled document The Times of London hints that there may be yet another scandal coming at Barack Obama, again triggered by one of his political allies and mentors. It is not really Obama so much as it is the unsavory … Continue reading

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Not A Peep Out Of You!

Untitled document The Washington Post ran its second annual peep show this year. No, nothing off color. It is a contest for people to create art with marshmallow peeps. A bounty of mallow rained down on us this Lenten season. … Continue reading

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