FNP-9 First Tryout

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I posted about getting this yesterday. I took it out today to give it a try. 200 rounds through it with no problems whatsoever. Because of the light weight, the precieved recoil is a bit higher than with my Taurus PT-92, but not uncomfortable. The gun is highly accurate but it does bounce a bit more than the PT-92. This isn't really a problem however and didn't take much getting used to. Very fun to shoot. I had also taken this pistol out to the range and put 100 rounds through it:

This one is scary accurate. My wife shot both and like the big PT-1911 better than the FN. When I got home, I cleaned the PT-1911 first, which took about forever. The Taurus version of the venerable John Browning 1911 design is faithful to the original and breaks down in the same fashion. So you have various bits and pieces of gun laying about everywhere when you get it apart. There are lots and lots of nooks and crannies to clean. Then I took apart the FN. After taking it down – the easiest takedown I have ever seen – there were four pieces. Barrel, spring/guide assembly, slide and body. No pins, no loose parts. The flat recoil spring is captive on the guide. That is a beautifully designed handgun. John Browning would be very proud of what FN has done in the almost 100 years since he rolled out the 1911.

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  1. Uncle Pinky says:

    Glad it works for you. Maybe I like FN so much because their HQ is right here in my hometown, but I find (like you) that they are well made, absurdly simple and quite durable.

    Looks like you’ve got a de-cock on that, any other (aside from your finger) safety? The FiveseveN has an external safety mounted 3/4 of the way up the trigger guard, so it pretty much comes off when I draw fast unless I keep my finger well clear. Kind of neat, but I have minor old school misgivings about it. Love the loaded chamber indicator though.

    Please continue with updates if you don’t mind. I might pick one of these up.

  2. Gaius says:

    No external safety, Uncle Pinky. Much like a Glock, but with a hammer. Huge claw extractor that acts as a loaded chamber indicator as well. (The beefiest extractor I have ever seen, incidentally.)

  3. Uncle Pinky says:

    These guys seem to know where to put their metal.

    When I was younger, and down on the French (and thereby hangs a tale or two) I had assumed that they were French rather than Belgian. I erroneously dismissed them out of hand.

    Making up for lost time now. Kind have become a (forgive me) FaN. I’m looking to pick up one of their long guns next. You know, after I win the lottery.

  4. Gaius says:

    I have a Browning Buckmark which I love (well, except I want to change the sights on it, they’re a bit hard for me to see.) but this is the first FN. I rather doubt it will be the last one.

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