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Untitled document Regardless of the confident assurances from the supporters of Barack Obama that the controversy over Reverend Jeremiah Wright is nothing to worry about, the candidate himself today signaled that he is very worried, indeed. He has thrown Wright … Continue reading

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Gimme Some More Of That Snake Oil, Pardner

Untitled document The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission has taken a rather dim view of the entrepreneurial adventure of a Texas rattlesnake rancher. It seems his "ancient Asian elixir" – a rattlesnake in a bottle of cheap vodka – has drawn … Continue reading

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Endeavour Coming Home

Untitled document Space shuttle Endeavour has fired its main engines and is inbound for a landing at the Kennedy Space Center at 8:39 PM EDT. Space shuttle Endeavour has fired its engines, slowing it enough to drop out of orbit. … Continue reading

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And It Really Hasn’t Gotten Ugly Yet

Untitled document As down and dirty as the Democratic nomination race has gotten to date, it still has not reached epic proportions. One candidate or the other is going to have the party step in and take away their chance … Continue reading

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Sounds Eerily Familiar Somehow

Untitled document From the BBC: 'Slaves' saved from Italy circus Two teenage Bulgarian sisters have been rescued by Italian police from a circus in which one of them is said to have been forced to swim with piranhas. Police say … Continue reading

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Closing In On Cooper?

Untitled document Children playing in southwest Washington state found what appears to be a parachute buried in the ground in an area that the FBI once considered a likely area for hijacker "Dan Cooper" to have jumped near. The FBI … Continue reading

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