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Feel Safe?

Untitled document The folks who believe their Apple computers are much safer than computers running Microsoft operating systems might want to take note of this item. At the latest CanSecWest security conference it took someone exactly two minutes to break … Continue reading

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Sockpuppet Politics

Untitled document I rather like much of what Daniel Henninger of the Wall Street Journal writes. But in some ways, I think he missed an important point in his column today. He agonizes a bit over the way the internet … Continue reading

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Whining In The Big Apple

Untitled document It seems that unions are behind the latest whining campaign – especially in New York City – over biometric scanning being used to clock employees in and out of their workplace. A new system is supposed to begin … Continue reading

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Buddy Can You Spare A Dime?

Untitled document You might want to ask that question, should you ever need to, in a red state, not a blue one. George Will notes something that I have posted about before: left-leaning people tend to be parsimonious when it … Continue reading

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