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Oldest Recording?

Untitled document I'll let readers judge for themselves here. A recently-formed group claims it has found a recording of a human voice that was made before Thomas Edison invented the phonograph by some 17 years. The recording was reportedly made … Continue reading

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The Pending Prospect Of A Positively Putrid P.C. Presidency

Untitled document To my mind, there is much to dislike about the idea of an Obama presidency.  On the one hand there is the purely political objection to a lightly vetted candidate whose political track record suggests a strident left-wing agenda, … Continue reading

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Where Has All The Magic Gone?

Untitled document Mark Steyn reflects on Sir Edmund Hillary Danger Rodham Clinton and the loss of the old Clintonian magic. It is as if everything that used to work has suddenly stopped. Clinton gets caught telling a whopper about sniper … Continue reading

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