The Pending Prospect Of A Positively Putrid P.C. Presidency

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To my mind, there is much to dislike about the idea of an Obama presidency.  On the one hand there is the purely political objection to a lightly vetted candidate whose political track record suggests a strident left-wing agenda, which most Americans would reject outright if they had any idea what Obama stood for in the first place.

The objections on the other end of the spectrum concern social matters and the disturbing trend towards hypersensitivity and censorship among people who ought to know better, but who don't.  Case in point:  Skit featured student playing Obama in blackface 

 North Dakota State University is investigating complaints about a campus skit in which a white student in blackface portrayed Barack Obama receiving a lap dance.

The same skit, part of a charity fundraiser held at a campus theater, also featured a depiction of cowboys having sex with each other, witnesses told The Forum newspaper, which first reported the backlash Friday.

"We're trying to find out the right approaches for accountability, but at the same time try to heal wounds that have occurred and allow the campus to move ahead," Janna Stoskopf, NDSU's dean of students, told The Associated Press on Friday.

The March 18 skit involving the NDSU Saddle and Sirloin Club was performed at the Mr. NDSU Pageant, which raises money for diabetes research. People who attended it said a pageant contestant from Saddle and Sirloin dressed as a woman from the Internet video "I Got a Crush on Obama" and performed a strip tease for another student who was wearing dark makeup and an afro wig.

In the background, two male students dressed as cowboys simulated anal sex while holding an Obama sign that one student ripped at the conclusion of the 30-second performance, the Forum reported.

Get that?  Agents of the state (and be under no illusion here, the administrators of a public university are indeed agents of the state), are taking it upon themselves to "investigate" students very clearly engaged in artistic speech.  It simply doesn't matter if the speech could be found offensive or not, the state has no role to investigate whatever speech adults engage in during their own free time.  Period.

What is particularly galling is the caviler manner in which a fundamental right guaranteed to us in the Constitution is so lightly tossed aside:

"One of the issues here is how do we balance what our policies and expectations about behavior are with the issue of freedom of speech," Stoskopf said. "Where does all of that get us?"

Notice anything unusual?  Here I was laboring under the impression that freedom of speech was a right, enjoyed to the fullest of its meaning by every adult in the nation.  Little did I know it was merely an "issue"; an inconvenience the state needs to brush aside as they attempt to punish people for their political speech.  And even if the "investigation" doesn't lead to actual sanctions the chilling message will have already be sent: "Say something we don't like and we will be watching you."

And that will be the rub of an Obama presidency, as sensitivity police of various stripes scour the social and political landscape looking for "inappropriate" speech to demonize and intimidate, as if Obma himself were some sort of child being picked upon by "bullies" such as these South Dakota State students.  (Do Ivy League degrees really leave one in such an intellectually fragile state of mind?  If so the elite of this country might be better served heading for the Great Plains for their higher education.) 

As obnoxious and socially poisonous as such tactics are for the bulk of the country's citizens, the real danger occurs when such intimidation is used to quell genuine political opposition.  Given the glib manner the Obama campaign has charged their fellow Democrats with the crime of racism, I do not think any such fear can be discounted out of hand.  If the conduct of the Obama campaign is indicative of the way they would rule we can look forward not to a President who will infrequently use the "race card", but a fully fledged race President.

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  1. plantlady says:

    John McCain will be our next President.  People are too scared of the alternatives.

  2. Tom says:

    And if not, then Political Correctness will be taken to heights outlined by the 1984 Thought Police.The 11th  Commandment will then be written , "Thou Shalt Conform – or Else!"

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