Where Has All The Magic Gone?

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Mark Steyn reflects on Sir Edmund Hillary Danger Rodham Clinton and the loss of the old Clintonian magic. It is as if everything that used to work has suddenly stopped. Clinton gets caught telling a whopper about sniper fire and has to retreat hastily. Clinton supporters try a thuggish letter to Nancy Pelosi – standard operating procedure for the Clintons, and all heck breaks loose. What's left to do? Why, break the party that won't give her the office she feels she deserves, of course.

It may be that when the Democrats do settle on a candidate – which, on present form, seems likely to be about 48 hours before Election Day – the party will then do its usual thing and unite around the winner in order to slay the Republican dragon.

But it's not unreasonable to calculate that significant elements among both the Clintonites and the Obamaniacs will be disinclined to reward the other side for what they'll see as an act of usurpation. I have no time for Obama, and I think he'd be a disastrous president. But he's your ticket out if you're a Democrat who can't face the thought of giving your party to the Clinton mob for another decade. And, evidently, quite a lot of Dems feel like that.

Why? Where did the magic go? Well, the show got miscast. I wrote a decade ago that Hillary was like Margaret Dumont to Bill's Groucho Marx. He goes around leering at cocktail waitresses, waggling his eyebrows and his famously unlit cigar. And Hillary would stand there, seemingly oblivious to the subpoenaed dress and DNA analysis and all the rest: In double-acts, the best straight men (or women) are the ones who appear never to get the joke, and that was Hillary in the late Nineties, standing on stage alongside Bill night after night with her rictus grin and droning in the robotic cadences of that computerized voice in your car that tells you to fasten your seatbelt that "I. Am. So. Proud. Of. My. Husband. And. Our. President. Bill. Clinton."

Hillary will not step aside and she will never agree to be second banana on the ticket (and Obama would be completely daft to let the co-Clintons anywhere near his candidacy). She will simply continue that scorched earth policy the Clintons know how to do so well – which may, in fact, be the only policy the Clintons know at all. The Democratic leadership has got to be going crazy right now – they finally see the trainwreck and haven't a clue as to how to avert it.

Pass the popcorn. Maggie, get another vat or two!

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4 Responses to Where Has All The Magic Gone?

  1. Mwalimu Daudi says:

    The "magic" has been transferred by the MSM to He Whose Middle Name Must Not Be Mentioned. It is Obama who can lie without penalty (Rev. Wright, Rezko), play the race card ("My grandmother was a typical white person"), and display horrifying ignorance ("al Qaeda in not in Iraq").

  2. bill-tb says:

    If you don’t remember Jimmy Carter, means you are over 45, you will be getting a lesson soon enough. The picture of the failed hostage rescue mission, the burning planes, shows what happened to the US military under Carter. The Iranian mullahs got Iran as their very own terror play ground. The USA got 20% interest rates — let that sink in for a few and think what that means to the auto industry, housing market, jobs market. Gasoline was regulated and run by the feds so you got to stand in line for hours to get your five gallons priced so high it is only in today’s market that those inflation adjusted prices have been exceeded.So the best answer is think Jimmuh II+ with Iranian nukes and a planet to save.

  3. Nice post. Wow, from your comments it appears accuracy of information these days is darn near the level of acrimony in this country. Wonder if they are somehow related:)

  4. martian says:

    Hillary is also back to playing the "the old boy network is picking on poor little female me" game as she responds to the party leaders who say she should get out. The mess she and the messiah are making of the Democratic Party is more than we Republicans could have ever hoped for. Let’s just hope the McCain campaign doesn’t manage to screw it up and snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.
    Pass the popcorn, Maggie!

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