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The Vicious Left

Untitled document Ed Morrisey links to this video, originating from the leftwing site MyDD using some of the most awful video from 9/11, bashing heck out of Jeremiah Wright and Barack Obama and generally playing attack dog in the Democratic … Continue reading

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Arms Race

Untitled document My wife and I went out for a while today and decided to stop at a sporting goods store. I had wanted to take a look at a handgun but declined to buy it when the store did … Continue reading

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Mookie Beats Feet

Untitled document The Associated Press refrains from Calling Moqtada al Sadr – Mookie – by their usual descriptive term: "Fiery" in this report. Maybe because winners don't do what Mookie is doing: pulling his fighters off the streets nationwide in … Continue reading

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You There! Step Away From The Root Beer!

Untitled document I don't know which part is sillier. A police department raiding a root beer "kegger" and making more than 90 kids take Breathalyzer tests to prove they had been drinking the soft drink or the excuses by the … Continue reading

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The Appeaser

Untitled document Michael Goodwin sees a genuine disaster for Barack Obama in the Reverend Jeremiah Wright fiasco. He also sees the reason why it is such a disaster. Instead of Obama's claims to being a uniter, Goodwin sees Obama's stance … Continue reading

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The Big Not-So-Easy

Untitled document If one nickname for New Orleans is The Big Easy, one could reasonably apply the term The Big Not-So-Easy to the long-overdue cleanup of the filthy bayou of Louisiana politics. Yet the new governor of Louisiana, Bobby Jindal, … Continue reading

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Smoke-Filled Gore

Untitled document The Telegraph reports that aides to Al Gore are busily floating a trial balloon of a potential smoke-filled room "compromise" that would give the Democratic presidential nomination to none other than Al Gore. The opening has emerged because … Continue reading

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