Smoke-Filled Gore

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The Telegraph reports that aides to Al Gore are busily floating a trial balloon of a potential smoke-filled room "compromise" that would give the Democratic presidential nomination to none other than Al Gore.

The opening has emerged because opinion polls show Mr McCain stretching his lead over both Mr Obama and Mrs Clinton, whose campaigns are engaged in a daily cycle of attacks, character assassination and mutual recriminations on religion, race and the economy.

Between a quarter and a third of Obama and Clinton supporters say that they would not now vote for the other in November.

The prospect of a new Gore candidacy was raised last week in Time magazine by Joe Klein, the doyen of American political writers, and discussed on the main cable news networks, CNN, Fox and MSNBC.

If neither Mr Obama nor Mrs Clinton has the 2,025 delegates needed to win the nomination, and if both appear unable to beat Mr McCain, under one scenario a group of about 100 party elders – the "super-delegates" – could sit out the first ballot in Denver, preventing either candidate winning outright, and then offer Mr Gore the nomination for the good of the party.

So, the two candidates would cheerfully surrender to a man who has not lifted a finger during the entire campaign for either of them or for the Democratic party itself. Did Gore withhold his endorsement hoping for the nomination? Quite possibly. If I were a backer of either of the two candidates, I would be furious if a bunch of party insiders threw my choice under the bus for such a cold, calculating and selfish man. Gore has enough baggage – and enough history of America-bashing remarks in the years since he lost the 2000 election to make his candidacy very iffy at best – especially with only a couple of months to do it in. 

I can't see either Obama or Clinton agreeing to be the second banana on the ticket, either. So a Gore candidacy would likely be seen as even more of a smoke-filled room deal. I think the Democrats have actually found a scenario that makes it even worse for them than it already is, bless them.

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8 Responses to Smoke-Filled Gore

  1. kidrob says:

    al has been invisible lately. hopefully he’s been dieting!

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  4. Man, if they think stealing the nomination from Obama to give it to Lady Macbeth will cause a ruckus, wait until they hand it to someone no one had voted for.

  5. Mwalimu Daudi says:

    If Gore is the answer, it was a stupid question.

  6. Neo says:

    <b>global warming always precedes an ice age</b> Gore .. call your office.

  7. In the end the nomination will go to Obama.  And the moderate Democrats will either stay home or vote for McCain.  The only reason that there hasn’t been a mad rush for Obama is that the Superdelagates see another McGovern in Obama.  That is the appeal of the Goreacle; only he can keep the moderates and attract the independents. 

  8. martian says:

    I saw an interview with Gore and his wife over the weekend in which he was asked about the possibility of getting into the race. His response was that politics has "lost his interest" and he wasn’t even considering it. Is he a liar? Possibly. But if he isn’t lieing it seems to me someone should have checked with him before floating this balloon.

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