The Vicious Left

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Ed Morrisey links to this video, originating from the leftwing site MyDD using some of the most awful video from 9/11, bashing heck out of Jeremiah Wright and Barack Obama and generally playing attack dog in the Democratic nomination process. The excuse for this vicious attack is that the Republicans will supposedly use this to get Obama. Now, of course, they don't have to. Oddly, the video makes John McCain look positively wonderful. I don't think that is quite what "Universal" at MyDD was aiming for, but he or she sure did.

As Ed puts it:

Of course, the fact that even George Bush didn’t use 9/11 footage in an attack ad against John Kerry doesn’t enter into Universal’s argument. Would John McCain be likely to do so? Not at all, and he’s not likely to use the Wright footage, either. He hasn’t even commented on the Wright Stuff, and his campaign suspended a member who Twittered one of the videos to his contacts.

The “GOP will use it” argument simply serves as a dodge for an attack on Obama over the Wright Stuff. Universal wants Obama out of the race, and has served up some fear mongering to suit that purpose.

I have a feeling this over-the-top video will be disappeared before very long. So I've saved it for future reference. The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy will eventually have to answer for what they are doing right now. It is interesting to see the left savage one another right now. In a gory, trainwreck, can't look away sort of way. 

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3 Responses to The Vicious Left

  1. I posted it too, but I wasn’t sure that "Universal" actually made it based on his comments.   So posted it without commentary.  Now it seems that "Universal" didn’t make the video.Nevertheless the point remains…wait until the video dogs of war are unleashed on BHO.

  2. syn says:

    If you think this is bad, just wait until Obama’s deals with, as the left would say,  ‘rethuglian in drag’ Clinton and her supporters. 
    Whatever appearances are made, Hillary’s camp is not as far left as Obama’s camp.

  3. martian says:

    It may be over the top but it’s not far off the mark when it comes to Obama.

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