The Naked Launch

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A German author is set to launch his latest book – with a nude reading.

A book about naturism in East Germany is to spice up its publicity tour – with a naked book reading.

East Germans became famous for "Freikoerperkultur" (FKK) before the fall of the Berlin Wall, happily stripping off at summer nudist camps.

Now author Thomas Kupfermann has written a book about the subject, compiling snapshots and memories from leading lights in the naturist movement.

The sold-out reading today at a bookshop in north-eastern Germany will apparently be shrouded in heavy curtains to prevent over-curious onlookers ogling the audience. 

We here at Blue Crab Boulevard would never stoop to such naked opportunism. The upholstery on the office chair is much too scratchy. Not that we've checked. Honest.

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  1. Mockinbird says:

    I guess only onlookers ogle; where as non-onlookers …google.

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