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“Global Warming” Goes Ptolemaic

It's as if the AGW crowd has simply throw up their hands and yelled, "Ockham's Razor be damned!"  Ocean Cooling to Briefly Halt Global Warming  Parts of North America and Europe may cool naturally over the next decade, as shifting … Continue reading

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Is Vista A Bust?

USA Today reports that business customers are staying away in droves from Microsoft's Vista operating system. It seems that they are perfectly happy with Windows XP and would just as soon not switch. "I wouldn't put on Vista if it … Continue reading

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What Happens When The Breadbasket Runs Dry?

The Washington Post reports on a disturbing trend. America's farmers are significantly reducing the amount of wheat they are planting and turning to more lucrative crops (yes, we seem to be on a farm trend this evening). "Wheat was king … Continue reading

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Suffering Farmers

Crop prices are skyrocketing, globally and for American farmers. So what's the big debate in Washington today? How much Federal money needs to go to subsidize multi-million dollar earning farmers. WASHINGTON – House and Senate negotiators late Tuesday scrambled to … Continue reading

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Bad Show, Al

It seems that Al Franken has been avoiding paying state taxes for a number of years. Not one state, mind you. In fact a total of 17 states would like Mr. Franken to cough up some $70,000 he owes them. … Continue reading

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Barack Obama officially jettisoned Jeremiah Wright today calling Wright's remarks – in recent days, at least – "divisive and destructive." "The person that I saw yesterday was not the person that I met 20 years ago," he said. "His comments … Continue reading

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On The Wrong Side

John Fund points out that Barack Obama is on the wrong side of voter identification laws – as yesterday's Supreme Court decision to uphold Indiana's voter ID law shows. In ruling on the constitutionality of Indiana's voter ID law – … Continue reading

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An Actual Victim Of The “Global Warming” Hysteria

Just call it theme night here at the Crabitat! From the Houston Chronicale: Hurricane forecaster's dispute with school focuses on global warming debate By pioneering the science of seasonal hurricane forecasting and teaching 70 graduate students who now populate the … Continue reading

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The Real Victims Of Our Actual Weather

You remember our actual weather, such as the extremely harsh winter that still is causing havoc in many part of North America as we head into May?  Well, its effects have been devestating: Where The Buffalo Roam – And Die  More … Continue reading

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The Real Victim Of “Global Warming”

Bird Dog at Maggie's Farm points out the real victim of the "global warming" hysteria: real conservationism. At the risk of sounding corny, we believe in good stewardship of our inheritance. What's irrational? The Green Movement is irrational. Most of … Continue reading

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Holes In One

A golfer in Florida, one Mr. Matt Johnson, helped save the life of  another man, Mr. Dwight Monreal, from the jaws of an aggressive alligator. Johnson did so by wielding a mean four iron and a rake to drive the … Continue reading

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As I am catching up on my reading today, I find that I have yet another Wright-themed post that has to be made. Because Eric Pianin at the Washington Post also saw and heard things that disturbed him today at … Continue reading

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Wright Or Wrong

Looks like it is going to be one of those nights where things just keep coming up on the same subject. Said subject being Jeremiah Wright. I'm not the only one who sees raging narcissism in the reverend. Joan Walsh … Continue reading

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Wrong Wright

I'm quite sure Joe Klein's already getting an Obamavalanche in his email box over this post at Swampland. But he has to be getting used to that by now, I suppose. ……for Wright to say the attacks on him are … Continue reading

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I Think This Is Funny

I don't have the time to crosspost this, but I thought folks here would enjoy this: How Stupid The Daily Kos Thinks You "Is" Tweet

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