Terror Coming Home For Iran?

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There has been a deadly explosion at a mosque in Shiraz, Iran. At least ten people have died and 160 have been wounded in what is described as a huge explosion. Local authorities are vehemently denying that the explosion was deliberately triggered, but one has to wonder.

Authorities in the city of Shiraz were investigating the blast, which some early reports had blamed on a bomb.

But a local police chief told Fars news agency that he had ruled out sabotage, and that "negligence" involving old war munitions might be the cause.

The explosion occurred at around 2100 (1630 GMT) on Saturday and was heard a mile (1.5km) away, the agency reported.

"The incident could have happened as a result of negligence. A while ago at this site there was an exhibition commemorating the [1980-1988] Iran-Iraq war," Commander Ali Moayeri, police chief of Fars province, told Fars news agency.

Um, sure. We're supposed to believe that organizers of the display were crazy or stupid enough to set out live ordnance for show and tell. Not impossible, mind you, just highly unlikely. Could it be that the number one exporter of terror is finding out that what goes around, comes around? Quite possibly.

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  1. Dare I say Chickens coming home to roost?

  2. QM says:

    Gaius,My comments are being eaten. 

  3. Gaius says:

    Yeah, I caught them. I have no idea why it happens. Possibly a floating IP was assigned that caused previous problems, QM. I try to catch these and free them from the spam filters.

  4. Oops, seems to be liking me now! :)

  5. Gaius says:

    Not yet, you’re still getting caught, but I’m freeing them as I find them. Eventually, the silly thing will presumably learn and un-blacklist your current IP.

  6. Bleepless says:

    I would write a longer comment to this story but I am too busy gloating.

  7. martian says:

    "Could it be that the number one exporter of terror is finding out that what goes around, comes around?"
    We could only hope. However, I’m actually inclined to believe the accidental idea if only because most, if not all, terrorist bombing nuts are on their side.

  8. Ted Goldman says:

    One can only hope the CIA director, as well as the Secretary of Defense had their hand in this wonderful event in Iran.

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