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It sure ain't Avon calling. The Telegraph reports on a new trend in home sales parties. No, it isn't food storage systems, makeup, cookware or even sex toys. It's Tasers – marketed to women in home party settings.

First there were Tupperware parties. Then came cosy, at-home sales pitches to female consumers for everything from perfume to lingerie to Botox.

Miss Shafman, 35, is on a mission to persuade the fearful, but fashion-conscious, women of America to pack 50,000 volts of self-defence in their handbags.

"This device has changed my life," she told a room full of women in suburban Miami last week. "I no longer live in fear. I challenge you all with one question. How will you defend yourself if you’re attacked?"

The Arizona entrepreneur deployed her sales patter and folksy western charm as she praised the merits of the palm-sized C2 stun gun – available for $350 in a variety of fashionable colours, including the best-selling "hot pink".

Tasers are legal in all but eight states. I see nothing odd about this at all, incidentally. Tasers are small and light and easier to carry and handle than a gun in many cases. The only thing I'd caution here is that the devices should not give owners false confidence. You still have to be ready, willing and able to use the Taser when you need to. You also should not be putting yourself into risky situations just because you have one of these in your pocket. In other words, just possessing one grants no magic protection. Being armed with one – and being quite willing to use it when necessary – might make all the difference in the world.

Here's the product page for the C2 Taser.

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