An Actual Victim Of The “Global Warming” Hysteria

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Just call it theme night here at the Crabitat!

From the Houston Chronicale: Hurricane forecaster's dispute with school focuses on global warming debate

By pioneering the science of seasonal hurricane forecasting and teaching 70 graduate students who now populate the National Hurricane Center and other research outposts, William Gray turned a city far from the stormy seas into a hurricane research mecca.

But now the institution in Fort Collins, Colo., where he has worked for nearly half a century, has told Gray it may end its support of his seasonal forecasting.

As he enters his 25th year of predicting hurricane season activity, Colorado State University officials say handling media inquiries related to Gray's forecasting requires too much time and detracts from efforts to promote other professors' work.

But Gray, a highly visible and sometimes acerbic skeptic of climate change, says that's a "flimsy excuse" for the real motivation — a desire to push him aside because of his global warming criticism.

Among other comments, Gray has said global warming scientists are "brainwashing our children."

Now an emeritus professor, Gray declined to comment on the university's possible termination of promotional support.

But a memo he wrote last year, after CSU officials informed him that media relations would no longer promote his forecasts after 2008, reveals his views:

"This is obviously a flimsy excuse and seems to me to be a cover for the Department's capitulation to the desires of some (in their own interest) who want to reign (sic) in my global warming and global warming-hurricane criticisms," Gray wrote to Dick Johnson, head of CSU's Department of Atmospheric Sciences, and others.

Gray should know that deviation from the party line is strictly verboten.

And do you want the winner for the single most disengenuous statement of 2008?  Getaloadofthis:

The dean of the College of Engineering, which oversees atmospheric sciences, said she spoke with Gray about terminating media support for his forecasts solely because of the strain it placed on the college's sole media staffer.

Yeah, that's right.  Universities hate it when they get publicity.  In a related note CSU has announced they are dropping men's football and basketball because they also attract too much darn attention to the school.

(H/T to Roger Pielke.)

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  2. bill-tb says:

    Silence the opposition, the way of the left and free speech. And you wonder why more scientists don’t speak out. The left is going to get the taxes if they have to take out everyone of us to do it.

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