Wright Or Wrong

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Looks like it is going to be one of those nights where things just keep coming up on the same subject. Said subject being Jeremiah Wright. I'm not the only one who sees raging narcissism in the reverend. Joan Walsh at Salon has just admitted that she made a rather large mistake about Wright:

I've now watched Rev. Jeremiah Wright's speech to the Detroit NAACP and his National Press Club appearance this morning. I've also read all 632 (and counting) letters in reply to my Sunday post about Wright's conversation with PBS's Bill Moyers. And in response, I'd like to retract something I wrote on Sunday. Here's the section I regret:

"One thing about my reaction surprised me. I had seen short clips and I was prepared to argue that Wright is a stone-cold narcissist, unprepared to let Obama surpass him, uninterested in whether he's wrong. But Moyers' interview made me see how hurt Wright is. He's genuinely wounded, and I felt sorry for him."

I regret that I hedged my observation about Wright's narcissism. He may be wounded, but this is a man of enormous self-regard, and he's clearly trying to hurt Barack Obama. His national rehabilitation tour started fairly sympathetically with the Moyers conversation, but it's devolved into self-pity and self-glorification ever since. His Sunday night talk to the NAACP was mostly silly, from the questionable science behind his insistence that black children are right-brained (creative) while white children are left-brained (logical and analytical) to his mocking the way white people talk, dance, clap, worship and sing…..

In other words (mine) Wright is spewing his bile at every opportunity now – and he does not care one whit whether his rants damage Obama. What a small, self-centered person Wright is.

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One Response to Wright Or Wrong

  1. Mwalimu Daudi says:

    I am not sure that Wright is actually trying to hurt He Whose Middle Name Must Not Be Mentioned. It seems to me that Wright is trying to keep Him on the "straight and narrow" path of Black Rage, which Wright appears to believe is the One True Religion. There was one clip on Fox where he said that if the Messiah becomes President Wright will come after Him. Don’t even think about leavin’ the plantation, hear?
    The Messiah must not be a moderate! If it costs He Whose Middle Name Must Not Be Mentioned the Presidency, so be it. Greater love hath no man than He who lays down His Presidential ambitions for the greater glory of Black Rage.
    At any rate, I think that it will soon be a moot point. The MSM will eventually do to Wright what they did to Mother Sheehan – cut off his publicity when he becomes too big a pest for the Democrat Party.

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