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Labor Of Love

What results when 30 enthusiastic volunteers spend 18 years and some £3 million working in a shed in Britain? A brand, spanking, new steam locomotive. It's a project which makes no sense on paper  -  but it has created 90 … Continue reading

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The Perfect Roommate?

Ever had someone ask to move in with you for awhile with the promise, "You won't even know I'm there"?  Well, there is a guy in Japan with a different perspective on that sort of thing.  Japan woman lived in … Continue reading

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“That’s Hedley”

Harvey Korman has passed away. He was 81 years old. Korman died at UCLA Medical Center after suffering complications from the rupture of an abdominal aortic aneurysm four months ago, his family said in a statement released by the hospital. … Continue reading

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Crossed In Space

Legs crossed, actually. The only toilet on the International Space Station has stopped working. The international space station's lone toilet is broken, leaving the crew with almost nowhere to go. So Nasa may order an in-orbit plumbing service call when … Continue reading

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Obama As Millennialist Aspiration

We live in an age of Millennial aspirations.  Everywhere you look you can see signs of widely disparate groups of people who believe they are living in an age where established norms will be destroyed by this or that newly arisen force.  … Continue reading

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“Look For The Union Label!”

More people are having problem with the Jones boy: Members of Russia's Communist Party are calling for a nationwide boycott of the new Indiana Jones movie, saying it aims to undermine communist ideology and distort history. … Communist Party members … Continue reading

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Land Shark

The Telegraph has a picture of a crocodile eating a shark. No really. It is being heralded as the clash of the titans – the moment when a crocodile and a shark went head to head in the wilds of … Continue reading

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Bring Out Your Dead

The Washington Post notes the ethical problems that a pilot program in New York City faces. The city is going to begin using a special ambulance to "save" the organs of people who die suddenly for transplant. Some medical ethicists … Continue reading

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Obama’s “Ohio River Valley” Problem

If you have given any attention to the punditry regarding the Democratic primary contests you have probably heard about Obama's so-called "Appalachia Problem."  The premise is simple: Obama does not do well with hill people, particularly in places like West … Continue reading

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John Stuart Mill Reaches 500 RPM

"Turning over in his grave" somehow didn't seem strong enough: Teenager faces prosecution for calling Scientology 'cult' A teenager is facing prosecution for using the word "cult" to describe the Church of Scientology. The unnamed 15-year-old was served the summons … Continue reading

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Call It A Counter-Factual

Imagine an America where the Democrats got their fondest wish (namely, a one party state where Republicans and conservatives are completely disenfranchised) what do you think would happen if Hillary Clinton were to run against Barrack Obama in a general election for the … Continue reading

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I’m Sorry, But This Is Stupid

Talk about the "Blind leading the blind": Court rules paper money unfair to blind The U.S. discriminates against blind people by printing paper money that makes it impossible for them to distinguish the bills' value, a federal appeals court ruled … Continue reading

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The Silence Of The Crabs

Sorry for the light to nonexistent posting of late. My schedule has me working as much as 14 hours a day (including two-hour commute) and blogging time is very short, indeed. Tweet

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Track Meet The Press

Those of us in the Blogosphere have long sparred with the press over its reporting. A Utah teenager has found a novel way to deal with reporters, though. He spears them. PROVO, Utah – A newspaper photographer got a little … Continue reading

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Top Of His Class

A Montana high school student has managed to graduate at the top of his class. Simultaneously, he also managed to graduate at the bottom of his class. This is no real feat, however, since he IS his graduating class. GREAT … Continue reading

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