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First the news from Britain: Britain's Brown punished in local elections

Britain's ruling Labour Party suffered its worst local election defeat on record on Friday, forcing Prime Minister Gordon Brown to rethink his strategy to avoid losing the next national election.

Labour was braced for an even bigger drubbing as pundits and even government ministers predicted the party would lose the prized London mayoral post to a resurgent opposition Conservative Party. The result is expected late on Friday. [ed. Labour did lose the mayoral office as well.] 

Contrite Labour ministers and lawmakers said the government had failed to address Britons' fears of rising food and energy prices, higher mortgages and a possible housing market slump.

The question now is whether Labour can recover before the next general election, due by mid-2010 at the latest, or whether the tide has turned towards the Conservatives. [emphasis mine.]

I was wondering just this back in January.

Come May it will have been 11 years of Labour party rule in the UK. It has been a good run for Labour even if they haven't yet matched the 18 year run of the Tories before them. But I wonder if the inevitable cracks are beginning to show.

What prompted my musing on UK politics?  Well, I had picked up a CD by an English group called The Holloways, and after listening to it I came to the conclusion that Labour's ascendancy might be coming to an end.  A little far fetched you say?  Well, the experts were not predicting the disaster that was this round of UK elections for Labour using more traditional methods.  So, I say don't knock what works!

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