How Green Was My……. C-Cup?

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Today's utterly pointless invention: the solar-powered bra.

Lingerie maker Triumph International Japan Ltd unveiled its environmentally friendly, and green colored, "Solar Power Bra" on Wednesday in Tokyo which features a solar panel worn around the stomach.

The panel requires light to generate electricity and the concept bra will not be in stores anytime soon, said Triumph spokeswoman Yoshiko Masuda, as "people usually can not go outside without wearing clothes over it."

But it does send the message of how lingerie could possibly save the planet, Masuda said, adding that the bra should not be washed or sunned on a rainy day to avoid damaging it.

Well, strictly speaking, it really isn't pointless at all. It is a way for the maker to get free publicity. Nothing more.

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5 Responses to How Green Was My……. C-Cup?

  1. Bleepless says:

    Pointless?  Your subconscious likes risque puns.

  2. Mwalimu Daudi says:

    After reading this I thought of at least four different snarky comments – none of which would make it past the comment filter.

  3. Mockinbird says:

    Not really interested in that. Now I get interested when bras are half off at JC Penneys.

  4. plantlady says:

    Heck, that’s not new!  Back in the Sixties, we were burning our bras!  New energy source, perhaps?  (Ah, the smell of smoldering Spandex!)  Just kidding…

  5. Woodsprite says:

    An exercise requiring engineers to do research of this type is never pointless. 

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