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Last Chance

Untitled document Today is the last day Microsoft is selling its Windows XP operating system. Even though they have announced that they will provide at least limited support for XP until 2014, they are stopping the sale of new copies … Continue reading

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(Little) Things Fall Apart

Untitled document Rudy Giuliani is widely credited for turning around New York City, taking it from a crime-ridden mess to a relatively safe city. He did this by concentrating on the small things. His police were instructed to stop the … Continue reading

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Counting Costs

Untitled document The damage that has been done by flooding in the Midwest is only beginning to be assessed. But damages will certainly run into the billions. WINFIELD, Mo. – Farmhouses appear to float on lakes, and farmers use boats … Continue reading

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More Vital Governmental Interests

Untitled document Hot on the heels of the "Great Salt Debate" and the "Kiwi Conundrum" comes the "Swedish Snub"! An eight-year-old boy has sparked an unlikely outcry in Sweden after failing to invite two of his classmates to his birthday … Continue reading

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You, There! Step Away From The Kiwis!

Untitled document Well, it must be the night for British insanity. Close on the heels of the last post, comes this gem from Britain. Government inspectors in Britain have turned away a shipment of kiwi fruit – for being about one millimeter … Continue reading

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Well, Hello, Nanny

Untitled document Local councils in Britain have decreed that individuals need to be told how much salt they are allowed apply to their fish and chips. Accordingly, they have taken it upon themselves – at taxpayer expense – to give fish and … Continue reading

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Jobs. Good Ones.

Untitled document Patrick Moore, a founder of Greenpeace, has been mentioned here at Blue Crab Boulevard several times in the past. Moore is now an eloquent spokesman in favor of nuclear power. He is now the co-chair of an advocacy … Continue reading

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One Vote

Untitled document Glenn Reynolds, writing in The New York Post, discusses the very narrow decision by the US Supreme Court affirming an individual right to keep and bear arms. The "victory" for gun rights was made with a single vote. … Continue reading

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Volcano Madness

Untitled document Scientists were surprised to find that their theories of how undersea volcanoes behave were wrong. It seems that even when the volcanoes are miles deep, they can erupt explosively and spew rock, lava and megatons of hot gases. … Continue reading

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Misery In Missouri

Untitled document The town of Winfield, Missouri has been evacuated after a levee holding back the Mississippi River failed. Despite a huge effort by residents, in the end, the river won the battle and roared through a 20 foot wide … Continue reading

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Protection For Monsters

Untitled document Despite the ruling by the Supreme Court yesterday banning the death penalty for child rapists, state politicians are vowing to fight on. It is unlikely they will succeed. "Anybody in the country who cares about children should be … Continue reading

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A Place On A Map

Untitled document I found this by accident when something from Curt at Flopping Aces popped on Memeorandum. Apparently, the Crabitat is ranked in the top 297 political blogs by this site. (As is Flopping Aces and a bunch of other … Continue reading

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Super (Down) Size Me

Untitled document In 2004, the film Super Size Me hit theaters. Much was made of the filmmaker's weight gain from eating McDonald's food exclusively for 30 days. He gained some 24.5 pounds. Expect to hear considerably less about the Virginia man … Continue reading

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Gators Gone Wild

Untitled document The reptile legions are on the march. Four new species of alligator have been discovered in the past few days. There's the Chicago River alligator: A father-son alligator wrangler team dragged a 5-foot, 45-pound live alligator from the Chicago River's … Continue reading

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The Next Misery

Untitled document As floodwaters recede in many areas of the Midwest, the next wave of misery arrives: mosquitoes. Mosquitoes annoy inside and out. Celebrating National Mosquito Control Awareness Week can be as simple as changing the water in your birdbath. … Continue reading

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