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Why Would You Jump Out Of A Perfectly Good Airplane?

Untitled document I've always agreed with that particular complaint about skydiving, never personally seeing the need for that much "excitement" just for fun. But fourteen skydivers in Indiana got to experience the thrill of jumping out of a perfectly bad … Continue reading

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Head ‘Em Off At The Pass……

Untitled document ….In your wheelchair. A 71-year old man and his wheelchair riding friend chased down a would-be robber, wrestled her to the ground and held her for police. Harry Kopenis, said he went to an ATM at a bank … Continue reading

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The End?

Untitled document All the signs point to Hillary Clinton stopping her campaign as soon as tomorrow. WASHINGTON – Barack Obama pushed close to victory in the marathon Democratic presidential race Monday on the eve of a final pair of primaries … Continue reading

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