Head ‘Em Off At The Pass……

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….In your wheelchair. A 71-year old man and his wheelchair riding friend chased down a would-be robber, wrestled her to the ground and held her for police.

Harry Kopenis, said he went to an ATM at a bank near his Kingston home Monday morning and withdrew $100 when a woman came out of nowhere, knocked him down and stole the money. The woman fled.

His neighbor, Kevin Lamb, was nearby in his electric wheelchair and both men chased her. Lamb said Kopenis got the woman in a headlock and grabbed the squirming woman.

Longtime readers know that I get a real kick out of stories like this. It's a good thing when the young thieves find out the hard way that older – or wheelchair-bound – does not mean helpless. The would-be thief is in jail held on a high bail and likely faces some serious jail time. Kudos to the crime fighters.

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  2. BubbaB says:

    This reminded me of a story that one of my coworkers was telling me just today.  Her son is in karate ("Shorin-Ryu"), and he attends class with a black-belt who is in his mid-70’s.The septuagenarian black-belt was mugged a while back.  The woman mugger went to grab something out of his hands, and his training took over.  She ended up with a broken shoulder.He is my hero…

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