Why Governors Are Better Than Senators

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Generally speaking, Americans prefer to elect former/sitting Governors to the presidency rather than former/sitting Senators.  The main reason this is so was illustrated by Mike Huckabee over the weekend: Huckabee helps choking NC candidate with Heimlich

Former Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee put the squeeze on a politician at the North Carolina Republican Party convention, but in a good way.

The former Arkansas governor performed the Heimlich maneuver on Robert Pittenger, Republican candidate for lieutenant governor, at a lunch Saturday.

Pittenger said he was laughing when he choked on some food.

"I stood up and the governor came over and did the Heimlich and got the relief," Pittenger said. He said the food dislodged when Huckabee applied the trademark Heimlich squeeze to the midsection.

It's a good thing Pittenger wasn't at a Senatorial gathering, where they probably would have rushed into action by calling for a committee meeting – scheduled for sometime in the fall – to discuss how best to help the category of "choking people."  If they can get a quorum.

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5 Responses to Why Governors Are Better Than Senators

  1. And don’t forget the inevitable calls for "Pittenger’s Law," which would create a protected victim class out of people who choke on food and mandate regulation of the food service industry by ordering that all food be pre-cut into tiny pieces. Meanwhile, CNN would produce a Wolf Blitzer-hosted special on the "Crisis in Choking," while Keith Olberman would declare George Bush the "worst person in America," since the choking was obviously his fault.

  2. Rich Horton says:

    Cutting food into tiny pieces?  Are you crazy!??  Dont you realize that implies a dangerous sharpened edge??  Should someone in the private sector really be trusted with that responsibility?  Better to fund a Federal agency to handle the "problem."

  3. Gaius says:

    The Department of Cutlery?

  4. Mockinbird says:

    It was a wonderful thing Mike Huckabee did.

  5. martian says:

    The United States Department of Acriculture, Division of Food Safety, Office of Chewable Portion Size
    And, of course, a new course to be taught at all grade levels in the public schools entitled "The Dangers of Laughing During a Meal – When you should and should not.".

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