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Two Modest Suggestions

Untitled document Apparently, some of the less hinged protesters who are already planning their disruption of the Democratic National Convention are terribly afraid of a completely nonexistent weapon being used against them. Actually, they are afraid of two weapons. No, … Continue reading

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Club McMurdo

Untitled document One of the very last things to be shipped into the McMurdo US Antarctic research station before the winter set in was a small, but apparently vital supply: 16,500 condoms. There are about 125 people stationed there during the … Continue reading

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Bring Out Your Dead – Part Two

Untitled document Last month, I noted the ethical problems associated with New York City's plan to have organ retrieval ambulances standing by to harvest (or keep ready to harvest) the organs of people who die in the city. Well, there's … Continue reading

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Will The Crickets Continue To Chirp?

Untitled document Okay, the claim is made that the editors at Newsweek have libeled Joe Lieberman at the deliberate behest of the Obama campaign (see here and here.)  To this point, Newsweek has made no response. Is it because: The … Continue reading

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Severe Weather

Untitled document The Midwest is bracing for still more rain while a hiker has died on Mount Ranier – after becoming stranded in a blizzard. In June. Ranger Sandi Kinzer the three went on a day hike Monday and got … Continue reading

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“Hey Mom, I’m Going To The Record Shop.”

Untitled document Turns out we might see more actual "records" in our music retailers soon: Retailers giving vinyl records another spin It was a fortuitous typo for the Fred Meyer retail chain. This spring, an employee intending to order a special … Continue reading

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