Gators Gone Wild

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The reptile legions are on the march. Four new species of alligator have been discovered in the past few days. There's the Chicago River alligator:

A father-son alligator wrangler team dragged a 5-foot, 45-pound live alligator from the Chicago River's most notorious stretch, Bubbly Creek, on Friday.

The 'gator, christened "White Sox'' by Ald. James Balcer (11th), had a better day than Balcer's team.

"He's in a box, so he's happy now," said Dan, the younger of the wranglers who was working on behalf of the Chicago Herpetological Society. He and his father, Bob, asked that their last names not be used.

Then there's the New York pool gator:

LAGRANGE, N.Y. – A Dutchess County family getting their pool ready for summer found a 4-foot alligator lounging atop the cover.

State Trooper Jason Kelley arrived at the house at 2960 State Route 82 on Thursday and called in Sgt. Gerry Salmon, who state police said is a herpetologist.

Salmon captured the reptile and it was taken into custody by the state Department of Environmental Conservation officers R. Hodor and D. Read.

The question is, how high is the gator's bail? Next, there's the Tennessee drain pipe alligator:

Putnam County Officer Chris Brown said when children in the neighborhood first heard a growling noise coming from the drain, they thought it was a dog. But when officials arrived on the scene, they discovered an alligator at least 2 feet long.

Alligators disguised as drain pipes. This is not good, people. And finally, there is the Augusta golf gator:

AUGUSTA, Ga.—It's something you'd expect to see in Florida…but this afternoon, an alligator drew quite a crowd to the Canal section of Walton Way. It was somewhere from six to eight feet long.

You have to line up early to get tickets to the Master's.

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2 Responses to Gators Gone Wild

  1. MikeM says:

    And two weeks ago there was an alligator on a Glen Burnie, Md. golf course ( Those things are turning up everywhere.

  2. Mockinbird says:

    Yup, Gator Pond is everywhere these days. Better have your children attend the University of Florida if ya want to get along.

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