A Place On A Map

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I found this by accident when something from Curt at Flopping Aces popped on Memeorandum. Apparently, the Crabitat is ranked in the top 297 political blogs by this site. (As is Flopping Aces and a bunch of other well known sites. Curt got it from Hot Air who got it from Protein Wisdom.)

There are a lot of sites I respect on the map. Blue Crab Boulevard may or may not belong with the rest of them. But thanks for the place on the map.

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6 Responses to A Place On A Map

  1. Sam says:

    I enjoy my visits to the boulevard.  Thanks for providing a place to come and leave comments about the news.

  2. Sam Wah says:

    Politics??  You do politics??  I’m just here for the Animal Uprising:  marauding bands of turkeys–oh, you do do politics.  (Insert Emily Litella moment here.)

  3. kidrob says:

    gaius its great to have you back!

  4. Bleepless says:

    An outrage!  You clearly belong in the top 296.

  5. Mockinbird says:

    More than good enough for the Mockinbird! You don’t have to be sent tothe gator pond.

  6. martian says:

    Congrats! I’d like to think that we who post here have helped out in some small measure but it’s the atmosphere provided at the crabitat that makes that possible.

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