Jobs. Good Ones.

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Patrick Moore, a founder of Greenpeace, has been mentioned here at Blue Crab Boulevard several times in the past. Moore is now an eloquent spokesman in favor of nuclear power. He is now the co-chair of an advocacy group called the Clean and Safe Energy Coalition, or CASEnergy. They have just released a report detailing the economic impact a "nuclear renaissance" would have. Basically, lots and lots of extremely good jobs would be created.

Currently, 17 companies and consortia are considering around 30 new reactors in the United States. This new era of nuclear energy will translate into tens of thousands of jobs created to construct,maintain and support new reactors.

Both plant construction and operation will create thousands of jobs in communities surrounding the plants. Depending on the building technique selected, the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) anticipates new reactors planned will require tens of thousands of workers for construction,engineering and project management —as many as 4,000 per project at peak periods.

These are high-paying jobs, many of them are union jobs. And the plants produce enormous economic benefit for their localities. Existing plants currently inject large amounts of money into the local economy:

Already, each reactor generates an estimated $430 million a year in total output for the local community, and nearly $40 million per year in total labor income.

That money creates a cascade throughout the region the plants are situated in. The full white paper can be downloaded here.

The thing is, this will produce more than just nuclear jobs. Huge amounts of construction material will be required. Pumps and valves, piping and cable, concrete and steel. All will provide opportunities for manufacturers to expand their facilities and workforces. Abundant energy will, in turn, allow other sectors of the economy to flourish. It is worth reading this paper if you're worried about the economy and jobs.

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3 Responses to Jobs. Good Ones.

  1. syn says:

    Prosperity is clean energy, unleash the force of capitalism to save mankind!
    If we wait until it’s too late we’ll all be digging in the animial dung just to heat our water.

  2. Sam Wah says:

    More jobs?  People would have jobs and more money and that would fuel inflation.  And pollution.  And Gorbal Worming.  My God, man, what kind of fool are you?

  3. Lemur King says:

    Gorbal Worming.  Holy crap.  Yeah, what kind of fools are we?

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