(Little) Things Fall Apart

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Rudy Giuliani is widely credited for turning around New York City, taking it from a crime-ridden mess to a relatively safe city. He did this by concentrating on the small things. His police were instructed to stop the minor, "gateway" crimes as well as to hammer hard at the bigger offenders.

My wife and I visited New York City not long before 9/11 and were able to walk from our hotel to see Les Misérables with no problem. The last time I had been in New York City, in the mid-1970s, Times Square was a combat zone. Rudy made a huge difference to that city. Now, however, the city is beginning to slide back.

Does it feel some days as if New York– wealthy, successful, seemingly at the top of the world — is slipping back into the bad old days of crime, noise, dirt, rudeness? Like pentimento rising from an old canvas, the traces of New York's previous misery are appearing on the streets and in the subways — graffiti, aggressive panhandling, open drug dealing, filthy public areas, ear–splitting noise, screeching sirens, a sense of disorder we thought was gone. It's not "Soylent Green" again, but the old Hollywood sense of lawless New York is rearing its ugly head.

Worse, something menacing seems to be happening with violent crime. The newspapers have been filled recently with stories about horribly vicious cases — the trial, for example, that ended last week in a 44–count guilty verdict against the man accused of the brutal rape and torture of a Columbia University student living in Hamilton Heights, a seemingly safe neighborhood.

The new mayor, Michael Bloomberg is very, very concerned with trans fats and the harvesting of organs. Crime? Not so much, it would seem. Quality of life for the taxpaying citizens? Very little. I'd urge you to read the entire article I linked, because the slide is definitely there and it appears to be accelerating rapidly. The author of the article tries mightily to praise Bloomberg but it is obvious that there is something very, very wrong happening in the Big Apple.

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9 Responses to (Little) Things Fall Apart

  1. David Moelling says:

    Mayor Mike has also distracted himself that with the idea that "illegal guns" are the problem.   So he sues discount gun shops in Virginia rather than tackling his real problems at home.    He also fumbled a union pay pact with the NYC Cops a while back.    The union wanted higher pay for veterans to pad their pensions and threw a low ball entry level wage on the table to pay for it.    Mike (or his designate) went for this and now it is difficult to recruit cops due to low starting pay.   Rudy knew the in and out of government law enforcement and was a tough cookie

  2. Mwalimu Daudi says:

    Remember the so-called "peace dividend" after the fall of the Berlin Wall? Democrats and the MSM – who had frantically tried to prop up the Soviet Union – told us that eternal peace had arrived, and that we could slash or even eliminate military spending. The end result was the unchecked growth of al Qaeda and other Islamofascist groups, all leading to 9/11 and our efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan.
    Now, after heroic efforts by Rudy Giuliani to clean up the disaster that was New York City (efforts fought tooth and nail by Democrats and the MSM), his successor is squandering the hard-won gains. Just as Democrat Clinton wasted the "peace dividend" on frivolous, useless government programs, Democrat-turned-RINO-turned-independent Bloomberg has lost much of the gains that Giuliani accomplished by concentrating on pure nonsense.
    Even when presented with success and the only job is to maintain it, the Left has shown that it cannot govern. Period.

  3. Paco says:

    It’s always much easier for a politician to take a dramatic stand on issues that defy efforts to measure genuine success or failure.

  4. We spend our time mostly in midtown, which hasn’t changed much, but on our last trip this year, Hell’s Kitchen was notably shadier than just a year before — more shady characters hanging around harassing people.

  5. sam says:

    Never been to NYC, and Lord willin’, I never will.

  6. martian says:

    Just what I needed to read. My youngest daughter (she’s 18) will be starting school in New York City at the end of August. Now I’m going to worry!
    Seriously, the last time I was in NYC was at the beginning of March in 2000. It was great, then. Times Square was clean and I road the subway all over Manhattan without being accosted even once by panhandlers, thieves, or any other low-life types. Sounds like it has really gone downhill since then.

  7. syn says:

    And to think,  all that Homeland Security money Nanny Bloomberg  receives to keep NYC safe!
    Look on the bright side,  your daughter won’t have to worry about trans-fats.

  8. K T Cat says:

    I dunno, those trans fats can be mighty mean…

  9. syn says:

    Yes true, however, not as mean as the epidemic of STDs among the youthgroups in this town…even after all the freebie condoms Nanny Bloomberg gave away the kiddies still manage to beat the national average.
    Martian, I’m sorry your daughter will be stuck in NYC getting a degree…she’d be better off in Iraq.

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