Last Chance

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Today is the last day Microsoft is selling its Windows XP operating system. Even though they have announced that they will provide at least limited support for XP until 2014, they are stopping the sale of new copies of XP to vendors. There will be a way for people to get XP after today, although it will surely be expensive:

Microsoft Corp. is scheduled to stop selling its Windows XP operating system to retailers and major computer makers Monday, despite protests from a slice of PC users who don't want to be forced into using XP's successor, Vista.

Once computers loaded with XP have been cleared from the inventory of PC makers such as Dell Inc. and Hewlett-Packard Co., consumers who can't live without the old operating system on their new machine will have to buy Vista Ultimate or Vista Business and then legally "downgrade" to XP.

The new Windows operating system that will succeed Vista will be out in 2009. That will be when Microsoft ends full support for XP.

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11 Responses to Last Chance

  1. It’s a non-issue for me. After the fiasco with Vista, I’ve decided to switch to either a Mac or Unbuntu system for my next PCs.

  2. checkers says:

    tried to buy from Dell last week and they were all out then, didn’t seem too interested in helping me either, I told them good luck!

  3. Stevwe says:

    I’ve said it here before. End your suffering- get a Mac.

  4. M. Murcek says:

    Actually, it’s been announced that XP will still get security patches up to 2014.  Now, that may not be what you call support…

  5. martian says:

    As long as I don’t have to use Vista, I’m happy. That was the worst thing they have ever come out with!

  6. sam says:

    I just upgraded by XP PC with a new motherboard, hard disk, etc. so I should be good to go for another three years or so.

  7. Gaius says:

    That’s why I wrote "limited support" until 2014.

  8. K T Cat says:

    I still have my installation disks for XP.  I can hold out a while longer.

  9. Lemur King says:

    But the question is, can you get an authorization number over the phone still if you need to do a major reinstall or is that their way of getting what they want through attrition?Whenever I hear the words "new Windows operating system" I get the chills and queasy.

  10. Ahhhh if only it were the good old days when I would access the local BBS via a TRS -80 and a,iirc, 1.5 kps modem.  We had to solder on an eighth  memory chip that also tapped the address line of the system bus so we could see the tails of some letters.  You could go make coffee waiting for a message from some newbie that forgot to snip the previous messages.

  11. oceanguy says:

    I’m with Anthony, I just switched to a mac and I love it after 20+ years as a PC guy… but at work it’s a different story.  Much of our application software does not work with Vista, so the Microsoft fix is a Virtual Machine to convert everything back to xp…. it sucks.  Someone ought to be looking into a class action against microsoft for the way they have killed productivity for users of their new OS.Did I mention that Vista SUCKS!

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