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Absolute Horror In Canada

Untitled document This one is ugly. A man beheaded a fellow passenger on a Canadian Greyhound bus in front of all the other passengers. The victim and attacker were apparently strangers to one another. BRANDON – Thirty-six passengers of a … Continue reading

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Keeping Track Of Time

Untitled document More information about the Antikythera Mechanism has been revealed. (I first posted about this ancient device here). It turns out that the device could calculate the dates for the Olympics, as well as predict eclipses. All-in-all, this is … Continue reading

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Taking A Victory Lap

Untitled document I think I detect just a hint of media weariness with Obama's over-sized – and growing – ego. Dana Milbank at the Washington Post reveals a day in the life of the Democratic candidate. It is a somewhat … Continue reading

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Upgrades – Hopefully Transparent

Untitled document I logged in tonight and couldn't get on; the server said my CPU quota was exceeded. So I went into the hosting company site and found a bunch of my tables needed repairs. Fixed all that and then … Continue reading

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Clear As Glass

Untitled document It seems that the expression clear as glass doesn't apply to the nature of glass. There is more than a little disagreement over what glass actually is. "They’re the thickest and gooiest of liquids and the most disordered … Continue reading

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Head Over Eels

Untitled document We here at Blue Crab Boulevard have long been the go-to source for cutting edge news about eels. Well, OK, we published one post about dead eels two years ago – to the day. But two years after … Continue reading

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Sleeping Spa-ing Wid Da Fishes

Untitled document We here at Blue Crab Boulevard have been reporting for quite some time on modern breakthroughs in spa treatments and, of course, especially on spa treatments involving animals. (Which cost us a perfectly good informant – we sacrifice … Continue reading

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Obama Denounces D-Day Landings

Untitled document From a nearby slightly altered universe: In a speech today presidential candidate Barack Obama maintained his steadfast disapproval of the D-Day landings of June 6th, 1944, despite the historical evidence of it as a smashing Allied victory over … Continue reading

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What The NYT Didn’t Want You To Read

Untitled document The New York Times rejected this op-ed from John McCain. Couldn't possibly be bias, could it? No one favors a permanent U.S. presence, as Senator Obama charges. A partial withdrawal has already occurred with the departure of five … Continue reading

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Untitled document Could the fawning coverage of Barack Obama by the majority of the media come back and actually damage Obama in November? It seems possible, judging by the latest Rasmussen poll. They show a clear majority of voters think that … Continue reading

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Edifice Rex

Untitled document John Fund examines the unseemly rush to use taxpayer money to pay for monuments to living legislators. Charlie Rangel is just the latest example of a politician soliciting funds from businesses with interests before his committee. This has … Continue reading

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Distracted From Distraction By Distraction

Untitled document Here is a place of disaffection Time before and time after In a dim light: neither daylight Investing form with lucid stillness Turning shadow into transient beauty With slow rotation suggesting permanence Nor darkness to purify the soul … Continue reading

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T Party

Untitled document While I generally find The New York Times news coverage and editorial positions to be badly skewed to the left, the still carry wonderful feature stories. Such as this little gem describing some of the ways people customized … Continue reading

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Untitled document Generally speaking, we here at Blue Crab Boulevard do not recommend trying what 33-year old Jessica Lynch of Guemes Island, Washington did. That is, hanging out of a second story window while holding on to a metal railing … Continue reading

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‘Roo Rampage

Untitled document A 65-year old Australian woman was hospitalized after being savagely attacked by a killer kangaroo. Fortunately, the family dog intervened and drove the marauding marsupial off. But then, a large male kangaroo inches taller than the 5’6 foot … Continue reading

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