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Warning To British Women

Untitled document Lying about your age could send you to jail. AN aspiring model who shaved eight years off her age in a bid to make it big in America narrowly escaped jail today. Brit Saskia Porter, then 35, was … Continue reading

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Theme Opinions

Untitled document Well, I've gone mucking about with the theme here at the Crabitat again. Any feedback on usability, functionality or on the format itself would be appreciated. Tweet

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The Seasonal Principles Of Obama

Charles Krauthammer chronicles the dizzying reversals Barack Obama has made recently. Obama has abandoned many of the left-leaning “principles” he used to woo the hard left of the Democratic party. And he has only just begun: In last week’s column, … Continue reading

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Er, Right Again, Paul

Untitled document Paul Krugman starts his latest column this way: Al Gore never claimed that he invented the Internet. Howard Dean didn’t scream. Hillary Clinton didn’t say she was staying in the race because Barack Obama might be assassinated. And … Continue reading

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Wonder Why Food Prices Are Skyrocketing?

Untitled document I have pointed out for some time now that so-called biofuels are an environmental and economic disaster. Now The Guardian, of all places, reports on a leaked report they have obtained. The report, from the World Bank, says that … Continue reading

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