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Microsoft Missing The Point

Untitled document Microsoft has big plans to rent you a copy of Office. Personally, I think they are missing the real reason people are flocking to other, free alternatives. With its Office franchise under attack from a host of competitors … Continue reading

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How Many Orangutans Per Mile?

Untitled document I have written several posts about the plight of the orangutans. A new study shows just how badly off the great apes are because of the mad rush to produce "biofuels". New orangutan population estimates revealed in the … Continue reading

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Notes From Novak

Untitled document A couple of interesting items in Robert Novak's column today. First, Wesley Clark may have ruined his chances of being chosen as Obama's running mate with his attempt at belittling John McCain's military experience. WASHINGTON, D.C. — Retired … Continue reading

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Escape Claws

Untitled document Lewis the cat has been released from his probation. We first wrote about the feline menace way back in March of 2006. Then again in April and June of that year. Now, two years on, Lewis has changed … Continue reading

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