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Generally speaking, we here at Blue Crab Boulevard do not recommend trying what 33-year old Jessica Lynch of Guemes Island, Washington did. That is, hanging out of a second story window while holding on to a metal railing to take video of a thunderstorm. There is a certain inevitability about what happened next.

Jessica Lynch can be heard screaming in fear after the lightning blew a hole in the ground just feet from where she was recording, in astonishing footage posted on the internet.

Mrs Lynch, 33, says an arc from the lightning struck her on her left thumb, before passing up her arm, across her back and out the other arm. Arcs are electric currents that flow through the air, similar to lightning itself.

Ms. Lynch was able to post the "unedited screaming version" of the video she took. She also has admitted that her strategy for filming thunderstorms requires a little fine tuning. We're not pointing fingers at Ms. Lynch, incidentally. We have been known to send the rest of the occupants of the Crabitat to the basement during violent storms while personally standing outside to take pictures. Having seen Ms. Lynch's video, we will take additional precautions when we photograph storms.

We'll wear brown trousers.

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