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We here at Blue Crab Boulevard have long been the go-to source for cutting edge news about eels. Well, OK, we published one post about dead eels two years ago – to the day. But two years after the demise of "Conger Cuddling" in merry old England, a new use has been found for dead eels!

A Japanese firm is turning eels into a soft drink.

The beverage, which translates as "Surging Eel", is a vivid yellow liquid and contains eel extract and vitamins found in the fish.

It has been launched this month to coincide with the start of Japan's annual eel-eating season, which peaks this year on 5 August.

Many believe the fish boost energy during the summer's hot and humid conditions.

Kazunori Hayashi, spokesman for the company Japan Tobacco Inc, which produced the drink, said : "It is mainly for men who are exhausted by the summer's heat".

Of course, we'd be remiss if we didn't point out that Japan Tobacco, Inc. missed a huge opportunity. Had they made the drink with electric eels, they could have had all those vitamins plus 50,000 volts of electricity! Talk about a surging eel!

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  1. Sam Wah says:

    I think we know what "eels" those men want to surge.

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