Upgrades – Hopefully Transparent

Untitled document I logged in tonight and couldn't get on; the server said my CPU quota was exceeded. So I went into the hosting company site and found a bunch of my tables needed repairs. Fixed all that and then upgraded the blogging software. Hopefully, everything is working correctly. If not, leave a comment.

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3 Responses to Upgrades – Hopefully Transparent

  1. Larry Sheldon says:

    Back in the day, when a vendor rep assured me that a change (I didn’t allow the use of the word "upgrade" until several problem-free weeks had elapsed) was going to be transparent, I asked "Are you telling me it will be like trying to walk through a patio door?"

  2. Two Dogs says:

    The sentence right below the header image is badly misspelled.  It almost doesn’t look like English. 
    Other than that, this site is awesomatic!

  3. BubbaB says:

    So, Gaius, you had to replace a few legs on your tables, or what?Glad I don’t work with websites.  If my software fails, large aircraft fall out of the sky.  Much less visible.

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