Taking A Victory Lap

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I think I detect just a hint of media weariness with Obama's over-sized – and growing – ego. Dana Milbank at the Washington Post reveals a day in the life of the Democratic candidate. It is a somewhat less-than-flattering portrait of a man who is taking a victory lap before winning the big game.

Barack Obama has long been his party's presumptive nominee. Now he's becoming its presumptuous nominee.

Fresh from his presidential-style world tour, during which foreign leaders and American generals lined up to show him affection, Obama settled down to some presidential-style business in Washington yesterday. He ordered up a teleconference with the (current president's) Treasury secretary, granted an audience to the Pakistani prime minister and had his staff arrange for the chairman of the Federal Reserve to give him a briefing. Then, he went up to Capitol Hill to be adored by House Democrats in a presidential-style pep rally…..

…..The 5:20 TBA turned out to be his adoration session with lawmakers in the Cannon Caucus Room, where even committee chairmen arrived early, as if for the State of the Union. Capitol Police cleared the halls — just as they do for the actual president. The Secret Service hustled him in through a side door — just as they do for the actual president.

Inside, according to a witness, he told the House members, "This is the moment . . . that the world is waiting for," adding: "I have become a symbol of the possibility of America returning to our best traditions."

This is not a pretty picture of Obama. I imagine that Dana Milbank is about to be uninvited from traveling with the campaign – that is the apparent punishment for media stepping out of line in Obamaland. Do read the whole thing, it really reveals a lot about Obama.

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  1. lynndh says:

    His ego is very scary. I am afraid that when he is President he will stop listening (if he does now) to adivsors completly. We are in for some very rough times I am afraid.

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  3. The key word is presumptuous.
    We should be hearing that a lot. I’m a bit surprised, as well, that McCain’s getting criticism for his "Troops" ad inside GOP quarters. Get out! It’s about time McCain got with the program. Obambi’s so vulnerable it’s not even funny.

  4. The thing to remember is that the average American loves their elites, but hates for them to act superior. Obama is tripping over that dislike of "big shots" and it may well cost him the election.

  5. martian says:

    I especially liked the sarcastic title of the piece "President Obama Continues Hectic Victory Tour" – it’s exactly how he’s been acting. In fact, there were several times on his foriegn site seeing tour (Doubt that’s what it was? See the picture of him standing in front of 10 Downing St.) that I noticed him refering to himself as if he already had the job as in, "It’s their job to manage the war in their area, it’s my job as Commander in Chief to see the big picture." Notice it wasn’t, "It would be my job, if elected…" or "It is the job of the Commander in Chief…" but  "my job as Commander in Chief…". I almost fell out of my chair at the sheer arrogance of that statement when I heard him say it.
    The arrogance and bravado of this man is overwhelming. He thinks a copule of days spent in Afghanistan and Iraq, apparently not listening to anything he was told (as in Gen. Petraeus is still wrong about the surge and about a strict timetable for withdrawal and "even if I knew what I know now I would still have opposed the surge"), followed by a whirlwind tour of Europe make him a military and foriegn policy expert. The ego is frightening. He apparently thinks he knows more about military strategy and tactics than career military officers like Gen. Petraeus and John McCain. He thinks he knows more about foreign policy than John McCain who has been involved in it for 20 more years after he retired from the military.
    Luckily, it looks like his lovefest with the MSM may be coming to an end. In addition to the Milbank piece, I saw another article, just the other day, that described how described how vacuous and empty of facts or details the Obamessiah’s Social Security plan is. About the only thing anyone has been able to get out of it so far is that somebody is going to be paying higher Social Security taxes – but nobody’s sure who or how much was the gist of the article. I guess even the MSM can only be talked down to just so much, even by their own annointed messiah, before it starts to grate on their nerves.

  6. FedUp says:

    Just what do we have to do to get the Republicans to wake up and put a stop to the presumptuous one???  If he gets in office AND the dems get a filibuster-proof majority in both houses, then we, as the taxpayers are SCREWED!  Them it will be time to join Glenn Beck – pick up our pitch forks and torches and take back our country!

  7. Bill Franklin says:

    I love it. First the attack on Obama is that he doesn’t have enough experience and hasn’t proven himself capable of working with top government officials and world leaders. So, when he makes the effort to show he’s capable, you label him arrogant and presumptive.

    And FedUp, unless you’re making over a million dollars a year, Obama is promising a tax cut. And if you’re worried about the national debt..well, no other party has run it up as fast the Republicans have from 2001-2006.

    And finally to debunk this whole theme, if you heard any of the “off camera/microphone” banter between Obama and Tory leader David Cameron, you would realize Obama is not handling himself like the presumptive President.

    But please, keep up this shoddy smear campaign.. If this is the only thing you can come up with, I guess Obama’s doing well.

    How are McCain’s 500 dollar shoes these days? As good as elitist Kerry’s haircut?

  8. martian says:

    Bill, where do I start? The "attack", actually the simple fact, about your Obamessiah is that he has no experience at much of anything but especially military and foriegn affairs. He still hasn’t proven he’s capable of working with world leaders. All he has proven is that he is capable of visiting them for photo ops. The arrogant and presumptive descriptions don’t come from the fact that he attempted to show everyone he’s something he’s not. It comes from the way he did it. His blatant attempts to act like he already has the job. In one sound bite I even heard him say "It’s my job as Commander in Chief…" specifically giving himself the title. He tried to arrange his speech in Germany to take place at the Brandenburg Gate – where only visiting presidents have spoken before – even the Germans drew a line at that one. Then, as if he was actually trying to showcase his lack of foriegn policy experience and knowledge, the site he did pick for his German speech is a monument to a German military victory over France – after which he went to visit France. Some diplomatic instinct he has there.
    As for the Obamessiah’s promised tax cut, let’s emphsize the word "promised" because nobodies seen where it’s coming from yet and even if he does manage to give a middle class tax cut, it’s more than likely to be eaten up when the Bush tax cuts expire in 2010, not to mention the other taxes he is going to have to levy to fund his Social Security plan, his Universal (which it’s not) Health Care plan, and all of his other promised increases to the goverment size and boondogles.
    Barrack Obama is nothing but smoke and mirrors. He has never had a single major accomplishment in his entire life, unless you count winning a couple of elections. He has never run a business or actually been in charge of anything in his life. No one knows what his management style is because he’s never shown one to anyone. He has no experience and no training in even the most basic military knowledge, foreign affairs, or even planning and executing a budget. In short, he’s a stuffed suit with a deep voice and good stage presence. I think the country needs more than that for a leader.
    As for McCain’s shoes, to quote you, is that the best you can come up with? Another silly attempt to invoke class warfare? You know what the difference is between a Republican and a Democrat, Bill? Republicans tell American citizens that we want you to go out and work hard to build yourself a good and prosperous life and achieve the American dream. Democrats say we want you to go out and work hard to build yourself a good and prosperous life and achieve the American dream – but when you do, we’re going to tale it away from you because we don’t trust you to spend it the way we think you should. The only people who have a problem with John McCain wearing $500 shoes, Bill, are people like you who can’t find anything more substantive to criticize about him. As far as the rest of us are concerned if the man has $500 to spend on shoes – good for him!

  9. Bill Franklin says:

    > As for McCain’s shoes, to quote you, is that the best you can come up with?
    I was just taking the debate to the Republican level – you know, where we criticize Kerry for getting a 400 dollar haircut.  Real stubstance issues.  How about this one – Kerry was ripped by Republicans for changing his position on issues – being a "flip flopper."  But McCain’s flip flopping puts Kerry’s to shame.  Explain why it’s OK for McCain to be a flip flopper.
    > we want you to go out and work hard to build yourself a good and prosperous life and achieve the American dream
    What part of the Republican strategy is leaving an amazingly huge national debt for future generations to pay off?  Or having earmark spending explode?  Unbalanced tax cuts that benefit the wealthy over the middle class?  Huge growth in non-defense federal government spending.  Farm subsidies.  Yeah, that’s the middle class dream.
    That whole "American dream" line you’re spouting is the Republican marketing strategy to get elected, which in no way reflects how Republicans actually act when in office.  As an ex-Republican, I know this all too well.  But disprove me – show me that the hard working middle class American dreamers did as well from 2001-2006 as the wealthiest 1%.

  10. martian says:

    Well, Bill, I can’t speak for all middle class Americans but I sure can answer for myself. Am I better off than I was 8 years ago – DEFINITELY! I have a better job, making more money and so does my wife. My standard of living has gone up and I pay less in income taxes than I did back then. The "American Dream" line I’m "spouting" as you so colorfully and insultingly (but what else can we expect from liberals) put it comes from a long life of observing both parties in action.
    Oh, and I notice you said nothing to refute my description of the Obamessiah. Couldn’t come up with anything? Don’t feel bad, no one else I have ever asked to name a single major accomplishment of his has been able to come up with anything either. The man is an empty suit – all sizzle and no steak. Personally, I like steak.

  11. Bill Franklin says:

    > Oh, and I notice you said nothing to refute my description of the Obamessiah.

    “refute my description of the Obamaessiah.” Ok, from now I will call your candidate “Flippy McStain.” You know, because he’s such a flip flopper, and he’s so old he poops his underwear. Now we’re on the same level.

    I like how you ignore Obama’s eight years and hundreds of sponsored bills that are now laws while in the state Senate. And Obama’s work with Senator Luger to handle the old Soviet nukes.

    Just because Flippy McStain has been around so long he’s been pro abortion, anti abortion, pro drilling, anti drilling. Heck, he’s been on both sides of just about every issue! That’s the kind of guy I want as President! Flippy McStain for *your* position (I’m sure I’ve supported it in the past).

    Here’s a fav (as Giaus well knows): McStain tells us that the surge is working – while not mentioning part of the “surge” is paying off Sunnis not to attack us! Yes, just like “D-Day,” where we paid the Germans not to attack us. Surge=D-Day. And who knows what we’re doing for Sadr to keep his army from attacking. McStain is for the Iraq occupation, which has to be the most anti-Conservative action you could take. Invasion? Subsidies? Largest food handout in the middle east? Nation building? Sounds like liberal mainstream stuff.

    Care to defend Flippy McStain’s flip floppy past? Or is better to keep it at the name calling level. Cause it looks to me like that’s all you have – name calling.

    And for the record Martian, I’m not a liberal. And I’m glad to hear your anecdotal story of success over the last eight years. How about the rest of America?

  12. Andrew X says:

    Wow. BCB said to "read the whole thing" and didn’t even mention the best part.
    Folks, read the comments. They are classic. An unbelievable insight into how ANY criticism of the Annointed One is just right-wing hackery, which we know of course the Washington Post is nothing but. You realize that if Keith Olberman, The Nation Magazine, and Counterpunch, (or the Maoist International newsletter) decided to cast a critical eye one day at Baresus ObaChrist, they too would be nothing more than apendages of Karl Rove, and HOW DARE THEY?????
    Remember: BUSH, and his people were arrogant and full of themselves.  BUSH’s people were "living in a bubble". BUSH was spoken of (by his detractors, never supporters) as a crusader of religious bent. Remember all that? And only the lower class uneducated idiots were too blind to see it.
    Astonishing how stupid "smart" people can be.

  13. martian says:

    No, Bill, we’re not on the same level. "The Obamessiah" is a reference to how he is treated (fawned over really) by the MSM and his supporters. It is not a derogatory and disgusting reference to his physical person as your insulting reference is to John McCain. You will note that I never made any insulting (and patently untrue) reference to any physical characteristics of Barack Obama – only discussed his qualifications for the job for which he is applying. I do not and will never stoop to that childish level of personal insult.
    "I like how you ignore Obama’s eight years and hundreds of sponsored bills that are now laws while in the state Senate. And Obama’s work with Senator Luger to handle the old Soviet nukes."

    Hundreds of sponsored bills that are now laws while in the state senate? I challenge you to name one bill of which Barack Obama was the author or even the principal sponsor. It is a simple fact, on the Senate records in Illinois, that Barack Obama voted "Present" more than 100 times rather than commit himself to a pro or con position on an issue or bill that was up for a vote. As for "Obama’s work with Senator Luger", Sen. Luger and several other people who were involved in that process of controlling old Soviet nukes have stated categorically that the effort was already well in progress when Sen. Obama came on board and he was never more than a minor player in the effort. So, this becomes a case where his statement that "I reached out to Sen. Dick Lager, a Republican, to control Soviet nuclear weapons" is, at best an exageration, at worst an outright attempt to take credit for something for which he is not entitled to take credit.
    Yes, John McCain has changed his position on a number of issues, flip-flopped if you prefer. However, so has the Obamessiah. That is what politicians do. I believe Obama has flip-flopped on more positions than McCain has and for less compelling reasons.
    "Cause it looks to me like that’s all you have – name calling."

    Again, my use of the term "Obamessiah" is not name calling – it is a description of the way he is fawned on by you and the media. However, your "Flippy McStain" is name calling and is really beneath the level of an intelligent discussion of the issues and the merits of the candidates. As such, until you can grow up and act like an adult during a discussion, I will not engage in discussion with you again. Have a nice day.

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