Absolute Horror In Canada

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This one is ugly. A man beheaded a fellow passenger on a Canadian Greyhound bus in front of all the other passengers. The victim and attacker were apparently strangers to one another.

BRANDON – Thirty-six passengers of a Greyhound bus travelling from Edmonton to Winnipeg Wednesday night watched in horror as a fellow passenger stabbed another man sleeping next to him, eventually decapitating him and waving the man's severed head.

RCMP Staff Sgt. Steve Colwell told reporters this afternon that a 40-year-old man believed to be from out of province is in police custody in connection to the incident.

Despite having been arrested early this morning, the man has not been interviewed by police yet. Colwell wouldn't comment on the circumstances of this.

Police are not releasing any information at all about the attacker or the victim.

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7 Responses to Absolute Horror In Canada

  1. Bleepless says:

    So the killer used a knife.  That meant decapitation took some time. Nobody tried to help.  Nobody.  Did the bus stop or did the driver stick to his schedule?  How long did it take to stop and for the cops to appear?  Were there any celphones on that bus?   When there is a non-responding witness to an act of violence in the US, the media tsk-tsk about how  awful  American society is.  I doubt that anything of that nature will be said about wonderful socialist, terrorist-loving, multiculti Canada.

  2. Bleepless says:

    The driver and the other passengers were alerted to it by the victim’s yelling.  So he was still alive, but nobody tried to help.  They all ran like the cowards they are.  HIfsomething like that happened here, there would be a lot of liberal head-shaking about what a sad and sick place the US is.  That will not happen regarding socialist, multi-culti, autocratic Canada.

  3. Mrs. QM, a Canadian, is horrified.

  4. Mockinbird says:

    I can’t decide who is more horrible, the knife wielding maniac or Nancy Pelosi.

  5. sam says:

    Canada doesn’t have the death penalty, does it?  I give it maybe 10-15 years before the guy is back out on the street.

  6. feeblemind says:

    I wonder why no one tried to stop him?

  7. Bleepless says:

    Had this happened here, the biens pensants would be tut-tutting about how the failure to intervene was a sign of the moral turpitude arising from American capitalist imperialism.  Since it happened in socialist, multi-culti, single-payer Canada, however, this will not be the case.

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