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Open Borders = Problem

Untitled document I read this article and one thing jumped out at me. See if it does for you. CNN is describing a major problem in Russia with women and girls being forced into prostitution. Not Russian women, either. MOSCOW, … Continue reading

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Cold, Wet Summer

Untitled document The Daily Mail is cheerfully explaining why Britons are now going to suffer devastating personal damage due to the cold, wet, dreary summer the country is experiencing. 'A large proportion of us will be suffering from general weather … Continue reading

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Canute Get There From Here

Untitled document Andrew Revkin at the New York Times Dot Earth blog does his best to annotate Al Gore's latest climate hysteria. From the perspective of an engineer who has worked in the utility area, I think Revkin misses an … Continue reading

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Untitled document On my pilgrimage to Gettysburg, I did manage to procure a couple of mementos of the trip. One thing I brought back was a replica of a Confederate cavalry saber. My youngest boy had already prevailed upon me … Continue reading

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Party Animal

Untitled document A British businessman who installed a swimming pool for his family got a bit of a surprise when the first swimmer turned out to be an escaped bull. The dramatic pool-party took place on Friday. Work had just … Continue reading

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Hallowed Ground

Untitled document I rousted the family out early, ignoring their grumbling. The weather report promised highs in the upper 80s, but without too much humidity. Still, I thought it would be good to arrive early and beat both the crowds … Continue reading

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Long Drive

Untitled document We covered 2,867 miles on our trip and finished a final 22 hour drive just after 7am this morning. A couple of hours of sleep has done little to erase the sheer fatigue of a very long drive. … Continue reading

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Untitled document Despite growing up mostly in Rochester, New York only a fairly short trip from it, I had never visited Gettysburg. Well, that has been corrected now. I am writing this from a hotel right in the center of … Continue reading

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Seeing Red Over “Green” Taxes

Untitled document British Prime Minister Gordon Brown is about to get raked over the coals in parliament over his latest greenmail scheme. The proposed "green" change to road taxes will subject a huge number of Britons to a massive tax … Continue reading

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Untitled document While we were in Canada, we returned to our hotel room one evening to find a family of raccoons waiting outside our door. This is in the middle of Niagara Falls right on Clifton Hill, mind you. I … Continue reading

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Drunk On Disappointment

Untitled document Or looking at the world through morose-colored glasses. Monica Hesse, writing at The Washington Post, examines the results of a new Pew study into the outlooks of Americans of various generations. The result? Baby Boomers whine. A lot. … Continue reading

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Untitled document Brown Bess demonstration (A .75 caliber musket.) Fort George, Ontario American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls from The Maid of the Mist, Niagara Falls, Ontario Under the Horseshoe Falls, Niagara Falls, Ontario The Whirlpool (MUCH more impressive when … Continue reading

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Traction, Part Two

Untitled document The Democrats have a real problem. Prior to the holiday recess, they announced how super-confident they were that they had the Republicans in a political corner with their enlightened energy policies. Except they have withdrawn all their big … Continue reading

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Are We, As A People, Really This Dumb?

Untitled document I really hate the "cry baby" portion of America…I really do.  Case in point: 'Zero' chance lottery tickets stun some players When Scott Hoover bought a $5 scratch-off ticket in Virginia called "Beginner's Luck" last summer, he carefully … Continue reading

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Untitled document I've posted some of the travel adventures we've been having. Today we head for Upstate New York to visit family. I'll try and post a few more things from there if I can. I am currently sitting in … Continue reading

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