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You There! Step Away From The Mechanical Monkey!

Untitled document Another from the British press.This time it is a local council gone mad over an "organ grinder's" mechanical monkey. The council will not let the performer perform until a health and safety "risk assessment" is completed. Paddy Cooke, … Continue reading

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National Health Vermin Service

Untitled document Barack Obama, at the behest of his left-wing supporters, wants "Universal Health Care" aka socialized medicine. Britain has had free health care for years now. And it comes with many benefits. Like free maggots in your slippers. Official … Continue reading

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Water Carriers

Untitled document Michael Grunwald at Time is trying his level best to carry water for Obama by "debunking" the Republican slaps at Obama's tire pressure advice. But who's really out of touch? The Bush Administration estimates that expanded offshore drilling … Continue reading

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