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You, There! Step Away From The Bird Feeder!

Untitled document Yep, some elements on the left want the United States to be more like Europe. Like this? A local council in Britain has threatened a pensioner and his wife with legal action – unless the couple cease and … Continue reading

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Death Sentence

Untitled document Those are the words used by groups that tried to intervene in the latest decision of the British National Health Service. They have decided that British sufferers of kidney cancer will no longer have access to life-prolonging drugs … Continue reading

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The Devil Went Down To Georgia

Untitled document He was lookin' for a country to steal. Vlad "The Impaler" Putin has launched an all out attack on Georgia. Not the one from the song, the other one. Russian aircraft are bombing civilian apartment buildings. There is a … Continue reading

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Get The Joke?

Untitled document The Telegraph (Tim Shipman reporting) notes that there's comedy gold – in Barack Obama. Or rather in Obama's extremely high opinion of himself. The punchline is this: the more seriously he took himself, the more Barack Obama has … Continue reading

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