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The Nuance Of Moral Equivalency

Untitled document Victor Davis Hanson comments on a pattern of blaming America exhibited by none other than the hopey-changey one himself. Hanson finds it less than inspiring. Aside from the silliness of these statements, the problem for Obama, again, is … Continue reading

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NIST Versus Rosie: No Contest

Untitled document The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has released its long-awaited analysis of what happened to World Trade Center 7 on 9/11/2001. The troofers (including Rosie "Unemployed" O'Donnell) have long theorized that fire could not have brought … Continue reading

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Y R U S2pd?

Untitled document Barack Obama's big plan to announce his VP choice via text message has brought out the mischievous in some people. A large number of people report receiving fake text messages announcing false names. There is little chance that … Continue reading

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Glass Mansions

Untitled document It seems there are some interesting ties between Michelle Obama's employer and the Barack Obama campaign. The Washington Post reports: Michelle Obama, an executive at the medical center, launched an innovative program to steer the patients to existing neighborhood … Continue reading

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