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Bad News For Hippies

Untitled document Long-term exposure to incense increases a person's risk for developing cancers in the upper respiratory tract. "Given that our results are backed by numerous experimental studies showing that incense is a powerful producer of particulate matter and that … Continue reading

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Stretch Limo

Untitled document Folks have been building stretch limousines for years, of course. They cut a car in half and add an extension, resulting in a huge vehicle. So, since that works so well, why not apply the same technique on … Continue reading

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Two Things To Read

Untitled document There are two interesting articles that deserve a read: one popped up over at Memeorandum, the other at Real Clear Politics. First, Joe Klein made a visit to a focus group: –"Change" as a theme is over. Too … Continue reading

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Moon (Bats) Over Denver

Untitled document Or all over Denver, as the case may be. Zombie (with an assist from El Marco) has documented many of the opening ceremonies in the Mile High City. The ones that began even before the opening of the … Continue reading

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