A Pantheon For One

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Barack Obama's new digs in Denver, his faux Greek temple, are attracting the predictable amount of scorn from the right side of the blogosphere. Meanwhile, the media has hunkered down in the bunker (probably avoiding arrest) and is trying an equivalency meme out. I generally thought a bit better of Ben Smith at The Politico, but he's trying the trial balloon toga on for size:

Barack Obama's appearance in Denver won't be the first convention speech framed by Greek columns.

Republicans who are mocking Obama's appearance haven't mentioned it, but George W. Bush accepted his own nomination in 2004 on a set with a similar neoclassical theme, with columns rising on either side of him, as the pictures above and below show.

Smith is accurate, but far from truthful here. Yes, there were columns. A total, per Smith's own photographic "proof', of six columns as part of the convention hall decor.

What it was not was a purpose-built faux-Greek temple in a stadium. Bush accepted in the convention hall, not in a football stadium. Nor did he have an entire temple assembled for himself to house his ego. The media may try to split hairs here and play the equivalency card, average voters will be more than a bit disturbed at the imagery the Obama campaign has used. But, our backroom staff here at the Crabitat has helpfully written a new anthem (or is it paean?) for the stadium toga after-party:

Obama, Hey Bama, Bama, Bama, Oh!
Bama, hey Bama, Obama
Barry, Barry, won't you smile at me?
Bama, Obama hey Superstar

Powerline has helpful dress tips for those supporters who want to meet the dress code.

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2 Responses to A Pantheon For One

  1. Smith usually keeps his bias hidden better than that.

  2. Rich Horton says:

    I’ve seen the photo over at Donklephant where they have to use arrows to point out the inconspicuous columns without realizing how that undermines their equivalency argument.  Pus, I dont remember Republicans in 2004 ever claiming that Bush was a "lightworker" of any sort of secular messiah. 
    Hubris thy name is Obama

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