Technical Bellyflop

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That's what Cnet News is quoting experts as saying about Barack Obama's much-touted text message revelation about his vice presidential pick. It seems that the Gang Who Couldn't Shoot Straight couldn't quite get over the technical hurdles. Many eagerly waiting recipients of the "big news" of Joe "Who?" Biden's ascension to the primary spot in Obama's shadow never got the news at all, or got it very, very late.

A campaign e-mail message on August 12 promised: "Let me be very clear. You are the ones who built this campaign, and Barack wants you to be the first to know who will join him in leading our movement for change."

There were just two problems with that plan. First, the Obama campaign chose the traditional route of handing the news first to a favored reporter: Joe Biden's selection was first reported by CNN. Second, many messages never arrived (one of my colleagues is still waiting).

Keynote Systems on Thursday called it a "technical bellyflop."

The stats are pretty bad. 40 to 50% of the folks who gave up their personal information to The One either never got the message at all or got it late. Gee, one wonders how the "working" toga party at Mile High will work out.

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  1. PA says:

    It was obviously just a scam to harvest email address.

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