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It Isn’t A Filter…..

It’s a baby. Oddly enough, the people writing this nonsense were also babies once. Too bad they can’t see that. Palin and John McCain oppose abortion and have supported promoting abstinence in schools, which would seem to make Bristol Palin’s … Continue reading

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Something From Nothing?

Is the media guilty of trying to make hurricane Gustav into another Katrina? You be the judge. AP: NEW ORLEANS – Hurricane Gustav slammed into the heart of Louisiana’s fishing and oil industry with 110 mph winds Monday, delivering only … Continue reading

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My brother turned 51 this year. While that isn’t a very noteworthy accomplishment in this day and age for most people, for him, it was a milestone for him. You see, not many years ago, someone like my brother did … Continue reading

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Hiking The Low Road

AllahPundit at Hot Air has a pretty thorough roundup of the latest, I’ll send you over there to read all he has put together before continuing reading this post. Finished? Well then, let me put my two cents in. First, … Continue reading

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