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Backtracks, Waffles And The Development Of Personality

Oh, wow. Did he really say that this qualifies Barack Obama to be President of the United States? Obama’s run for the job, his “life experiences” as Allah puts it, qualifies him? So, one asks, has Obama shed blood in … Continue reading

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Here, Have An Exploding Cigar

The American public has seen through the vicious media attacks on Sarah Palin as an attempt to help Barack Obama and to hurt Palin. This news from The Rasmussen Report is only the tip of the iceberg, however. While 42% … Continue reading

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Alarmingly Strong

No, it wasn’t just me, folks. Some honest people on the left are suddenly very, very afraid of Sarah Palin. John Hinderaker notes the Associated Press response to Palin’s speech: The Associated Press, a solidly Democratic institution, can’t deny that … Continue reading

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